s The Retail Apocalypse Essay

The Retail Apocalypse Essay

There are many United Sates big retailer companies shuttering stores and also many declaring for bankruptcy. The retail apocalypse or also called the retailpocalypse is the closing of numerous brick and mortar North American retail stores, especially large well-known chains, starting in 2010 on forward to now. E-commerce outlets have risen and is making it hard for our traditional retailers to attract customers to their retail stores and this event is changing the way sales 

are for brick and mortar stores. This is a sign that online shopping may grind down the retail industry for a while. Stores have increased digital and ecommerce efforts to lure shoppers while closing down some brick and mortar locations, but it is still in turbulence. As, this department stores battle to boost their sales and attract customers online and shoppers into physical stores we see the winners and losers with a couple of companies being United States favorites and preferring those particular stores overall. These winning stores are making an effort to help other stores that have closed down and making comebacks possible. Another thing that hit hardest among the states is the retail job losses, retail employment has fallen and may continue to struggle for years, as store closures continue to accelerate. Sadly, closures of stores continue to outpace brick-and-mortal openings and this is also ending our jobs.

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